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I have a database filled with thousands of karaoke tracks spanning all decades, this database is updated regularly ensuring that it includes all the latest chart hits to make sure all generations can join in with the fun. From rock and roll to motown, from swing to r’n’b I’ve got the lot.

I have a four microphone set up so if you want to get up and sing your heart out with a group of friends then you are all sure to be heard. All karaoke tracks are read from an LCD screen placed strategically so as not to hide your star singers, all tracks are able to be key changed to suit the individual singer making for a more professional performance, my equipment is set with reverb ( echo ) that, again, can be set to each individual singers microphone, thus making a Michelle McManus sound like a Leona Lewis lol.

You simply choose your karaoke songs from one of my many books, take a request slip and fill in your name, song title and track number and away you go, it’s as simple as that, or if you’re having a really good night and reading the book seems like too much like hard work just come and see me and I’ll fill it in for you.


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