The following text represents the Terms of Service for DJ Dave Buck.

DJ Dave Buck will provide the services of DJ and/or MC on the date of function, at the agreed location for the agreed performance times, at the agreed price. The services consist of music selection from the our music library, and providing suitable equipment to play the selected music.

Our DJs will make every effort to play all requests, subject to such music being available on the date and suitability for the function and venue.

Our DJs will take reasonable steps to obtain songs not contained in the music library. If, in the unlikely event that we are unable to obtain a particular track, our DJ will inform the customer as soon as possible.

Booking & Payment

To confirm and secure your booking, you will receive a confirmation booking for us – stating date, price and location. If you did not receive a Confirmation Booking, that will be because your event hasn’t been confirmed.

No Deposits Policy

We do not require a deposit to confirm your booking. However full payment must be paid at the beginning of the event, either by cash or by bacs.


There are no cancellation fees 30 days prior to your event. Should you cancel within 30 days of the event date, we require a 50% cancellation fee. Please don’t cancel unless you really have to 🙂

Standard of Dress

Our DJs will be dressed appropriately for the occasion, and shall act as master of ceremonies during the event, making any necessary announcements along with playing the selected music.

One Meal and Beverages to be provided

You agree to provide a meal for one for our DJ as well as non alcoholic drinks throughout the night. We do not encourage or expect any of our DJ’s to be drinking alcohol before or during the night.

Extended Performance Hours

You may request that the DJ plays longer than the contracted performance times. Our over time rate is £50 per hour and must be paid in full prior to our DJ’s commencing the over time – unless arranged with our DJ prior. The availability of our DJs working overtime cannot be guaranteed.

Video Footage & Photographs by DJ Dave Buck

As an on going part of marketing & promotional campaign, we reserve the right to take random digital photographs and short video footage of your event. These photos may be uploaded to YouTube or our website for you to view and share with your family and friends. You have 30 days from day of upload to request via email that photographs and/or video footage taken by DJ Dave Buck of your event be removed from our YouTube account and/or our website.

These Terms of Service assumes that when taking photographs or video footage of guest, that their consent can be either verbally or expressively ie. customer posing in front of camera knowing very well that he/she is about to have their photo taken.

Health & Safety

Our DJs, at their discretion, reserves the right to discontinue all or part of equipment usage if the power provided is not capable of operating the equipment without risk of damage to the equipment, our DJ or the public, or if the working environment constitutes a health and safety risk. The surface on which our DJ’s are to play cannot be dirt, gravel, or any other unstable surface. If applicable, the customer agrees to furnish a facility that completely covers our equipment from direct sunlight, wind, rain or hail.

If service must be discontinued for any of the aforementioned reasons, the full balance is still due.

The customer will be responsible for any damage, normal wear and tear excluded, to equipment (sound/lighting equipment, music library and/or company vehicles) provided during the contracted time period, including the time allowed for setting up and packing away, unless damage is due to the our DJs negligence.


You will be responsible for the theft of any equipment (sound/lighting equipment and/or music library), along with any personal/business belongings of company personnel.

At our discretion, we reserve the right to discontinue all services on the function date until such items are returned, or an agreement has been reached regarding suitable recompense.

Set up and Pack Down.

Our DJs sometimes requires a minimum of 30 minutes for setting up and 20 minutes to pack away equipment. Our DJs will not, under any circumstances, cut corners regarding the health and safety procedures inherent in this process.


All our DJ’s are to perform in a safe, non-abusive environment. Any mistreatment or abuse of the DJ or anyone accompanying the DJ, in any way will result in the immediate discontinuing of services with full balance still due.

Equipment Failure

DJ Dave Buck or our DJs are not responsible for power outages, or any equipment that fails at the event. If equipment fails, DJ Dave Buck will, on a best effort basis, find suitable back-up equipment.


Our DJs are not liable in any way for any injuries that may occur due to the actions of the customer and/or any of the customer’s guests. This may include, but is not restricted to drunkenness or other forms of intoxication.

Unexpected Delays

If the performance start time is delayed due to the inability of the DJ to gain access to the performance area, or any other delay beyond the DJ’s reasonable control, we will not be liable for any refund whatsoever. The same applies if the agreed performance time is cut short for any reason beyond our company’s control.

Additional Charges

DJ Dave Buck, at its discretion, reserves the right to apply additional charges in certain circumstances. These charges will only apply if the conditions of the function differ from that stated in the original Booking Agreement. For example, if the DJ incurs extra expenses in respect of parking fees etc.


All written modifications or additions must be agreed upon by both us and the customer. This constitutes the entire agreement between the customer and DJ Dave Buck. No other terms or conditions implied or expressed not included in this document apply.

All notices, acknowledgments or replies referred to in this document can be made by via phone, post or email to;

Please note: If you are booking via email, we suggest that you print off two copies of the Booking Agreement so that you may retain a copy for your own records.

I/We have read, understood and accept all terms and conditions mentioned in our Terms of Service.